Key features: new presentation format

Three pane view

All Article of the Future prototypes support the same three pane design layout: navigation bar, main content area and right sidebar. Since each pane can be scrolled independently, it is possible to have both the text and an image in view at once, for instance.

Article outline

The left navigation bar allows the easy navigation within the article. There are two options for navigating through the article: (a) with figure and table thumbnails being displayed, and (b) without thumbnails.

Main article content

The main content area displays the traditional article and provides the ‘PDF look and feel’ for easy online reading.

Context & added value

The right sidebar provides quick and intuitive access to supplementary information and additional features, which are usually task or content specific. Depending on the specificity of each domain and content of the article, different functionality can be provided. All extra features can be accessed directly from the article or via the “Sidebar content” dropdown menu.

Tip: Maximize your browser window for the best reading experience!