About the Article of the Future

Through the Article of the Future project, Elsevier is redefining the article format to allow for an optimal exchange of formal scientific research between researchers.

Why are we doing this? Because the way that research is conducted has changed dramatically over the last decades, and today’s research output is very diverse – including multimedia, computer code, and all kinds of raw and processed data. So why should the publication of that research be limited to text, tables, and static images on a piece of paper? With the Article of the Future program, Elsevier is advancing the format of a research publication to embrace new kinds of (digital) research output. Breaking away from the limitations of the traditional print article or PDF, we utilize modern web technology to deliver a much more interactive and engaging reading experience

  • The Article of the Future format makes Elsevier journals on online publishing platforms like ScienceDirect the best possible place to expose and explore research
  • Developed with input from over 800 researchers
  • Redesigned article presentation for excellent on-line readability and seamless navigation
  • Discipline-specific content, format, and tools adjusted to the author and user needs and workflow
  • Enriched article content with features such as the Protein Viewer, Genome Viewer and Google Maps
  • Enables authors to put their article in the context of other research such as Genbank and Protein Data Bank

Prototypes developed with and for the community we serve

Since 2009 we have involved over 800 researchers, from various scientific disciplines, in user interviews, behavioral studies, surveys, development discussions and testing. Resulting in consensus that a discipline-specific article is needed – one size does not fit all! In 2011 we introduced prototypes that incorporated a newly developed article format, in seven scientific areas, each tailored to the needs of the relevant communities. These are available for viewing on the left hand side. We asked for your opinion and your feedback via surveys on these prototypes and incorporated it into the development of our online article.

Beyond prototypes

Starting in 2011, we have begun implementing several items we’ve learned from the Article of the Future prototypes on Elsevier’s publishing platforms to ensure all researchers can benefit from them. As an author, when you publish with an Elsevier journal – or as a reader, when you are accessing an article on ScienceDirect or a journal-branded website hosted by Elsevier.

ScienceDirect introduced the 3-pane view in 2012, and many of the innovative features showcased here are now available for authors publishing with Elsevier through the Content Innovation program.

Tell us what you think

As we want to continue to develop our Article of the Future with you, we’re always interested in feedback. Which features do you like the most? Do you have any other suggestions? Send us a note through articleofthefuture@elsevier.com